SkyShooter Displays Inc, provides many different displays.  Our displays include, but are not limited to, traditional displays, musical accompaniment displays, true pyro-musicals, barge shows, and so much more.


A traditional display is a display which is hand lit without music accompaniment or synchronization.  This helps to keep your firework display costs down.


A musical accompaniment display is a display which is shot with music provided by us.  Music accompanied to your Fireworks display will bring your display to a Totally new level of excitement.


A true pyro-musical is a display which is electrically fired to the beat of the music.  Pyro-musicals make an impressive display unbelievable.

Visit the links below these are some examples of our Pyro-musicals


SkyShooter displays are known for our custom created “Super Curtains“.  Our “Super Curtains” are multiple cakes (units) shot at multiple positions.  This takes our displays a step above the competition presenting an extra breathtaking element to your firework display.