Welcome to SkyShooter Displays Inc.

SkyShooter Displays by ZY Pyrotechnics LLC., is Northeastern Pennsylvania’s and Luzerne counties premiere firework display company.


With our company you will get the best bang for your buck! Our displays include, but are not limited to, traditional displays, musical accompaniment displays, true pyro-musicals, barge shows, custom choreographed displays, and so much more. The night sky is truly limitless.


We are fully licensed and insured carrying a $5 Million liability policy, $5 Million transportation insurance, Pennsylvania Workman’s Compensation, and we meet all federal, state, and local requirements. This ensures that your fireworks will arrive to the site safely. Safety of our customers, employees, and spectators is our #1 priority.

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Always great feedback.  Usually “That show was better than xyz firework show”
Bloomsburg Truck Jam, Bloomsburg, PA
“The Town of Bloomsburg was incredibly pleased with SkyShooter Displays attention to detail and Professionalism.  Plus the calibur of the display was top notch.”
Town of Bloomsburg, Bloomsburg, PA
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